Failure Investigation

When the unexpected happens MTIS’s experienced Failure Investigation Team is here to help you uncover the Root Cause of Failure

Materials Characterisation

When you need to find out what the composition of a deposit, debris, sludge, mud, sludge or any unknown sample MTIS’s Materials Characterisation Specialists are here to support your needs

Materials Testing

Standard Mechanical Testing, Design of Bespoke Testing Programmes, Corrosion Testing and a full range Materials Performance Testing delivered to meet your unique testing needs.

Materials Processing Optimisation

Optimisation of existing or development new materials processing routes to lower costs, improve efficiency, reduce waste and enhance materials performance.

Reverse Engineering

MTIS’s experienced engineering team is able to support you to identify specific alloys and processing routes to fast forward your path to getting new products to market.

Forensic Investigations

When there is the potential for legal action is associated with a failure MTIS provides the services you need to support and understand your position.

Materials Research

MTIS Research team support customers through the development of custom materials focused research projects to deliver novel solutions.


As part of MTIS’s commitment to CSR we deliver a range of materials training courses focused on our core capabilities.
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MTIS has worked with a wide range of companies from oil and gas majors, aerospace giants to Malaysian SME's

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MTIS operates a number of physical facilities around Malaysia and an extensive range of global laboratories and specialist engineerings all ready to meet your specific project needs and answer your materials questions.
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MTISKnowledge Base

MTIS has an extensive knowledge base of white papers, academic and commercial presentations. Periodically we post these articles and relevant news on our website, in our blog and on our social media channels.
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Analytical Techniques

MTIS has a range of in-house analytical tools as well as access to a global network of laboratories so you can be sure that we use the right tool for the job.

X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)

XRD is a powerful analytical technique primarily used for the identification of specific phases within a crystalline material. A range of advanced techniques allow  other characteristics of samples to be interrogated.

X-Ray Florescence (XRF)

XRF is primarily used to determine elemental composition of a sample. There are a range of variants of this technique including energy dispersive, wavelength dispersive methods as well as both portable and lab based instruments.

Real time X-ray Imaging (XI)

Analogus to an X-ray you might have when suspected of having a broken limb, XI allows imaging inside of materials, part and products. MTIS uses XI for QC, Failure Investigation and Reverse Engineering Projects.

Optical Microscopy

Optical Microscopy is a range of techniques which use visible light to interrogate the surfaces of samples. MTIS uses these techniques to carry out factography and metallography for QC, Failure Investigation and Characterisation of materials.

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

SEM is an advance analytical technique which uses a focused beam of electrons for imaging and interrogation of samples. MTIS uses SEM range of related techniques for a wide range of projects.

Image Analysis

Image analysis techniques are used to carry out both quantitive and qualitative analysis of images captured using other techniques. MTIS uses advanced image analysis techniques for a wide range of projects.

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical Testing is a range of destructive techniques ranging from standard tests such as tensile, toughness and compression testing to custom designed testing programs.

Chemical Analysis

Chemical Analysis can be carried out by a wide range of techniques from wet chemistry, Atomic Absorption, X-ray based, OES and other spectroscopic methods. MTIS uses chemical analysis on the majority of projects, always selecting the right tool for the job.

Environmental Testing

Environmental testing includes a range of methods from simulated service testing, corrosion testing, environmental cracking trials to standard laboratory based testing. Each test programme is specifically designed to answer the desired materials questions.

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  • Failure Investigation
  • Materials Testing
  • Corrosion Studies
  • Materials Characterisation
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Materials Focused Research
  • Materials Training

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