MTIS Services

Our services centre around MTIS core capabilities in materials, metallurgy characterisation and failure investigations.

MTIS delivers a range of materials focused services to the industrial sector

MTIS services are grouped into three focused service lines: Materials Characterisation & Testing, Failure & Forensic Investigations and Materials & Metallurgical Training.

MTIS Service Lines

The MTIS Way

The MTIS way focuses resources on its people. An experienced and well qualified engineering team ensure we don't just deliver results, MTIS provides answers.

MTIS holds core equipment within our own facilities. However, no laboratory can hold every type or equipment. MTIS has a network of partner laboratories giving us access to the most sophisticated analytical tools. The approach ensures the best tool for the job is available without having to pass on the high overhead costs associated with larger labs to our customers.


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Characterisation of Unknown Deposit from Separator

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Flange Failure

An offshore operator observed a leak in a 304L Corrosion Resistant Alloy Flange. MTIS team was called-in to uncover the root cause. Following MTIS’s proprietary Failure Investigation Methodology a investigation was carried out.

Visual and dye penetrant examination revealed the extent of the cracking and signs of excessive stress. Metallography allowed the nature of the failure to be established. Chemical analysis at the initiation sites allowed Chlorides to be detected validating the failure mode as Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking.


Characterisation of Drilling Fluids

A leading offshore operator found an unknown substances captured in a first stage separator. The customer was unable to identify the source of the deposits. MTIS through the use of advanced analytical tools such as X-ray Florescence and X-ray Diffraction to identify the various components of the deposits.

It was found that as well as sand, drilling fluids were found suggesting a small leak into the production tubing from the A – Annulus. Using this information the customer was able to identify and seal the leak while it was still small preventing an expensive workover.


Failure of CRA restraining bolts

A customer found two restraining bolts failed on a critical piece of equipment. As the bolts were a common item on a range of equipment further failures could results in the customer having to shutdown operations.

MTIS was commissioned to carry out an emergency failure investigation. A highly focused investigation with the minimum range of testing required to determine the root cause was executed.

The failure mode was identified as stress corrosion cracking and the root cause was over tightening of the bolts. MTIS was able to work with the customer to revise its bolt mentioning procedures and prevented future failures from shutting down operations.

Project Example

Characterisation of Pigging Debris

Operational pigging frequently results in the production of a significant amount of debris. Standard test involve establishing the volume and making an onsite estimate of the nature of the materials.

However, hidden within the debris is valuable information on the health and status of the upstream assets. MTIS is commonly engaged to identify unknown materials within the deposits and use this information to support condition monitoring and to track down the nature of integrity issues.

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MTIS services, by service line

MTIS services are categorised into three materials focused service lines.

Characterisation & Testing

  • Electron Microscopy
  • X-ray Diffraction
  • X-ray Florescence
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Corrosion Testing
  • Metallography

Failure & Forensic Investigations

  • Failure Investigation of Vessels
  • Failure Investigation of Piping
  • Failure Investigation of Equipment
  • Forensic Investigation for Insurance
  • Failure Investigation of Components
  • Incidents, Accidents & Fires

Materials Focused Training

  • Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists
  • Metallurgical Failure Investigation
  • Corrosion and Materials Selection
  • Characterisation & Testing of Materials
  • Project Management for Engineers
  • Parallax & Video Backgrounds


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